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Development of teaching/learning materials:

Science Teachers’ initiative Africa is composed of experienced science teachers in both primary and secondary. These teachers author teaching and learning materials in the form of Teacher’s Guide and Pupil’s Book as per the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) guidelines. Unlike other reading material in the market, our teaching and learning materials are activity-based, learner-centered, and relate to the daily life experiences of the learners for easy understanding.

Training of the Teachers on how to use the materials:

Teachers are the hands that feed the learners; therefore, enriching them in the learner-centered approach of teaching will contribute to the betterment of the education system. STIA has experienced trainers who can guide teachers in this new and effective teaching approach. The training is conducted through workshops, continued in-service training, and seminars. During training, teachers are guided on how to use the available materials to engage students in the teaching and learning process.

Self-help science projects

To further demonstrate the importance of science, STIA, in conjunction with schools in Uganda has set up science projects which are used to demonstrate to learners how they can apply the knowledge and skills acquired through practical activities.

The learners participate, see, touch, and feel what they are learning.


Teacher support centre: 


RIFI-STIA has a support centre for science teachers with subject specialists for inquiries about teaching content, delivery methodology, or testing, and evaluation. The team also evaluates how the learners are responding to the new approach.

This centre can be accessed in three ways:

1. Visiting the centre in person.

2. Calling in toll-free and seeking for assistance.

3. Online support through various platforms. Evaluation and follow-up



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