Literacy for Lifelong Learning(3Ls)

To Improve literacy skills, promote knowledge application and life-long learning


Science Readers are unique storybooks based on the primary science curriculum from P.1-P.7. They are prepared to help and encourage pupils to develop the skill and love for reading. As they master the basics of literacy, they acquire knowledge on how to handle day-to-day challenges. By including local experiences, simple language, traditional tales, all within the everyday settings, our stories intend to develop a reading culture among the young learners.
The Readers focus on a variety of topics/themes such as HIV and AIDS, Child Safety, Personal and Menstrual Hygiene, Malaria Control and Prevention, Environmental Protection, and Child Protection series.
From primary 1 to primary 7, each reader progressively introduces concepts, vocabulary, and sentence structures at a pace that develops confidence among children. The readers(storybooks) are validated and approved by NCDC.


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