Let us ensure protection for online learners

While on the internet, learners are susceptible to abuse on various social networking sites. Just like it caught the entire world unaware, the COVID-19 outbreak spared no schools. As a result, many scholars around the world ended up being sent back home on short notice. In Uganda, schools closed in March 2020 and until now, […]

Accessible parent education will ease COVID-19 learning

UNESCO describes literacy as the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. It is beyond the ability to read, write and count. The 8th of September was declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO in 1966 to stress the importance of literacy for individuals, communities, […]

Let’s hope teachers won’t abandon class

One wonders how the December 31 will be celebrated. Will folks be happy that this abnormal year has finally ended? Will the financial strain Covid-19 brought allow us to ululate from houses? Only time will tell. Two months into 2020, everything looked good, but come March, we learnt of the first confirmed coronavirus case in [...]

Time says we must bring social media to class

June 30th marks the global celebration of social media. These websites and applications enable us to create, share content, or network. Though social media has received backlash given the lack of proper regulation of content, it has grown rapidly and there are new additions every other day. Some of the dangers associated with the use […]